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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 13:50

It comes down to this

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It really honestly and seriously comes down to two things.

1.       Do you schedule a free session with 70% or more of new members?

2.       Do your coaches who perform these free sessions convert 50% or more to coaching clients?



That is the key to selling coaching and changing a lot of lives.

You can do this.  I did it when I owned a gym, and I was an absentee owner.

Okay I am sorry.  I lied.  I did half of the above.  We always scheduled a free session with 70% or more of new members. 

The 50% closing…………….well, that was a learning experience.

Tim could close 30%.  The rest of the coaches, 10% or less.

This was 10 years ago.  I had a full time job, and owned a small gym that was modeled after a membership only revenue stream.  PT was considered gravy.

That started to bother me because of the churn and burn situation that occurred in my gym.  And in every mainstream gym in the country that was focused on renting treadmills.

I left my day job.  I sold the gym.

I spent the next 18 months, while waiting out a non-compete, trying to figure out how to help this industry change.

I am serious.  One skinny douche from Minneapolis, with big dreams and goals.  Why?

People need a coach.  For many things, but for sure when it comes to fitness.  Sometimes they know it, often times they don’t.

I want people to be fit and healthy.  Why?  So they can live longer and be happier while doing it.

I am sick of this country accepting obesity as just part of culture. 

I don’t want to shame people.  I want to inspire them.

But I am not a trainer.  Not anymore.  Long ago, I was, and it wasn’t for me.  Now, I help trainers change more lives.

I teach, coach, and am a leader in this industry, helping coaches make more money and change more lives.

And the biggest thing I have accomplished, in my opinion, is creating a simple system that allows any coach to convert. 

It helps all gyms get 70% or more of new members in front of a coach.

It teaches any trainer how to close.

I give a lot of content away for free.  And I could and would provide any gym owner with my selling coaching system at no cost.  If I knew you would take it and use it properly.

But we all need a coach.

You can give a workout to a new member.  Write it down and hand it to them.  But they need more than that.  They need to be guided.  And you need to charge them for that.

So, I need to give you my selling coaching system, AND guide you through it.

3 calls, 12 videos, and a 12 page PDF manual.

Over 2 weeks.

100% money back guarantee. 

Total cost:  $899.00

BUT WAIT!  I want to offer you a HUGE discount.  Why?  Because I want it to be a no risk, no brainer.  The money back guarantee makes it awesome, but forking over only $347.00 makes it even awesomer.


And you get all of my other coaching resources.  Al of them.  Total value for those is over $300.00

Everything for $347.00

Listen, I am starting a new company, and only taking on a few clients at a time.  This system works, it is simple, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, nobody can coach you over the phone to ensure it is plugged in ideally like me. 

I have a lot of energy, I will curse on occasion, and I will tell you honestly what you need to hear.

First step:  Text me at 612 310 1319 “Coaching” and include your email address.


Jason Linse

Jason has a passion for the industry, follows other industry experts, attends workshops, speaker schools, reads, reads and reads.  He enjoys imparting knowledge and ultimately affecting the bottom line of business.  He lives in uptown, Minneapolis, exercises almost daily, and lives by the motto:  “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Website: jasonlinse.com Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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