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Friday, 29 December 2017 08:59

How to make a lot of money in the fitness business without working long hours. 

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1.       Create a sales first culture.  Any one of the thousands of business gurus will tell you that sales is the most important aspect of an organization, but some of these gurus will only tell you that if you ask them.  Innovation and Marketing.  You will hear this a lot, especially from Tony Robbins.  And he is correct, but he makes the mistake (even though “business is only innovation and marketing” is a quote he stole (and he cites the source, unlike me, because I can’t remember) that many people do, by conflating marketing and sales.  Marketing is advertising.  Sales is selling.  The act of selling.  People can join online in a fitness business, sure, but most do not.  Most come on in to look around first.  Salespeople do the selling.  “Jason, we don’t have salespeople.  We have front desk people.”  “Are you $10.00 per month or less?”  “No, we charge $39.00 per month.”  “Okay, then you need salespeople, goals, and a 10 minute daily production meeting.”

2.       Master the telephone.  A few years ago, a gym not far from me, after years of being in the black, was starting to lose money.  They couldn’t afford my services. I offered to spend 4 hours at the gym, being a shadow behind the front desk.  From 3pm to 7pm, I witnessed the telephone ring several times.  Eight calls were from non-members asking about the gym.  Not one appointment was made, prices were provided and the calls were quick and deemed unimportant.  I asked owner gal if I could train her staff on my telephone script and appointment system and get paid after 30 days based on any new member over xx (we agreed on the expected amount of members based on her history and trend).  Membership sales for the next 30 days increased by 120%.  For reals.  Take the telephone seriously.  Even if it rings only 2 times per day from non-members, that would be about 50 per month.   That should lead to 35 tours and 20 to 25 sales.  This is in addition to your walk- in traffic.

3.       Give a proper tour.   This blog post is not written in the hopes that you drop what you are doing and go to the store page at www.jasonlinse.com  to purchase my video on how to give a proper tour.  But that is what I would do if I were you.  The video is $19.95.  And I have been told to raise the rate to $99.95.   I teach 5 steps to a tour.  1.  Meet and Greet:  Smile, be happy, ask “How can I help you?” and then explain what you are going to do over the next few minutes with the prospect.  2.  Qualify.  Whether sitting or walking around, ask many open questions, but for sure these:  “What are your goals?”  Why are those goals important to you?”  “How are you going to reach those goals?”.  3.  Build value.  This is where you discuss all of the cool features that your gym has, focusing 99% of the time discussing the benefit of those features.  4.  Present prices.  Sit down.  Pull out your binder, and show your options.  While sitting.  5.  Ask.  Don’t be weird and nervous.  Just be direct.  If somebody says “no” or some excuse, who cares?  Don’t worry about that, just focus on being direct.  “Would you like to get started today?”

4.       Ask for referrals.  Don’t hand out cards to new members and hope they pass them out to their friends.  Instead, simply ask every new member for three names and numbers of people they think may be interested in trying out your gym.  In exchange for these names and numbers, the new members receives a free t-shirt.  3 for a T.  Do this and only this for your referrals. 

5.       Understand Personal Training.  This step is the biggest one as the industry continues to move in the direction of results based fitness.  Renting treadmills is old school, boring and ineffective.  In a mainstream gym, here is what you need to do:  Sell the membership and then book (at P.O.S.) the appointment for a free session with a trainer.  This benchmark is 70%.  That’s right, 70% of all new members need to schedule an appointment with a trainer for a free session.  This is a number that anybody can meet and exceed.  My gym consistently hit over 80%.  Every single month.  And I didn’t sell one single membership in my gym.  The trainer/coach who meets with new members for a free session will convert 40% or more of these members into training clients.  He or she will have a much greater chance of meeting the 40% or higher if you sell more than one on one packages.  It is much easier to sell $39.00 per week training memberships than $1200.00 packages.  Again, I am not writing this how to blog post to pitch my services, but I want you to know this:  I have a system that shows you how you can easily get 70% of new members to meet with a coach and I have a system that prepares any trainer to convert 40% or more of these people to training clients.  Call me at 612 310 1319 to discuss.

6.       Market with structure.  No fitness center likes to spend money on marketing.  But you also know that you have to spend some.  But where to spend it? First step:  Order 5000 3 inch by 5 inch passes (post cardish in size) at www.hipgym.com (or wherever.  I know that hip gym is inexpensive and quality is awesome) for $350.00 to $400.00 plus shipping.  This $400.00 or less will get you enough cards (5000) to last you a good 6 months.  Two days per week, send a gym salesperson out into the community, specifically, the retail community.  They walk into the hair salon, nail salon, coffee shop and grocery store.  They hand a bunch of passes to an employee, preferably the manager, enough passes for all employees.  And they walk out.  Facebook:  Every day, post twice.  Once in the morning, once in the afternoon.  Something inspirational.  Something educational.  Once per 7 to 12 days, boost an ad that allows folks to pay $19.00 for a 30 day membership (one example).  That’s all I will say for now, the rest is based on your marketing budget.  But remember:  All business is marketing and innovation. 

7.       Maximize your leadership skills.  You probably have some leadership skills, in fact, I know you do.  But you may not be using them properly.  To get your fitness business to run doing the above things well, you need to only at least do the following:  Meet with each member of your production team every day for 10 to 15 minutes.  Who is on your production team:  Anybody who takes telephone inquiries, tours, and free sessions.  Add that up.  In most gyms that is 2 to 7 people.  Let’s say it is 5.  This amounts to one hour per day of in person, one on one, “How did yesterday go, and how is today shaping up?” meetings.  If you cannot do that, don’t.  That’s fine.  Just get used to failing.  If you are excited about all of the awesome leadership you can provide in less than one hour per day, you will do great things.  Learn how to lead, and how to leverage other people’s time and you will:

Make a lot of money in the fitness business without working long hours.

Jason Linse

Jason has a passion for the industry, follows other industry experts, attends workshops, speaker schools, reads, reads and reads.  He enjoys imparting knowledge and ultimately affecting the bottom line of business.  He lives in uptown, Minneapolis, exercises almost daily, and lives by the motto:  “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

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