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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 15:57

How to find solid employees

How to find good employees:


1.        Pay more than you want or expect to.

2.       Interview candidates three times or more.

3.       Explain all expectations before hire date, have them sign a document that lists the expectations, including and especially goal structure.

4.       Inform hire that he or she is on a 90 day trial period, and that it is a production position and..

5.       Reward success, punish failure.

6.       Provide leadership.


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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 13:31

5 questions

Question number 1:  “Jason, how would you describe what you do?”

Answer:  I help gyms make more money.  That’s the shortest and simplest answer.   A gym is defined as any type of fitness center, big, medium, small, mainstream, rent a treadmill, training only, studio, etc.  I help them make more money by teaching them how to master the fundamentals.  Even in a franchise system, like an Anytime Fitness, there is no process for an expert, like me, to come to your gym and see your operation, meet you and the staff, assess your market, and provide hands on training specific to your gym. 

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