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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 08:13

should you buy that gym?

I was talking to a potential gym buyer the other day.  He is considering purchasing a gym that has been open for 8 years.  The other option that he is exploring is opening one himself from the ground up.

He paid me for an hour of my time and for my expert advice.

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 14:23

Weekly EFT

In one of my recent newsletters, I wrote about changing to weekly EFT, rather than monthly.  Many countries around the world collect money that way.

One gym owner emailed me, writing:

Thursday, 26 May 2016 07:47

On leadership

Some people believe that leadership is something that can’t be learned.  You either have it or you don’t.  I don’t feel that way.  I think leadership is actually pretty simple.  You just have to want to work at it.

Now, I could bring in my four quadrants of personality, the colors, but I am not going to.  Not because it isn’t important.  It is for sure a difference maker, but I know that hundreds of folks who read this don’t know about my communication tool, and they aren’t going to drop everything they are doing to learn about it.