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Tuesday, 03 November 2015 11:21

3000 gyms!

Anytime Fitness just hit 3000 gyms worldwide.  That is freaking impressive.  They accomplished this in less than 15 years.  In fact, they probably only had about 250 open 10 years ago.  This means that in the past decade, Anytime Fitness headquarters has witnessed over 2500 new gyms open up for business.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015 14:04

Linse Unleashed

I started a podcast last week.  This may turn out to be the most fun I’ve had while at the same time, seeing some success.

I like to write and have had some success with it.  Blog posts and articles both for my websites, and Club Solutions Magazine.  I actually prefer the written word because it is both easier and more difficult than other forms of communication.  It is easier because you have time.  You can edit and take as long as you want to publish.  It is challenging because you have to be careful with tone.  You don’t want it misinterpreted.  Also, capturing emotion in writing is not easy.

I wrote two articles today for Club Solutions Magazine, and I filmed a short video for my youtube channel.

One of the articles was about why I like the paid trial offer for memberships.  In it, I write about how too many gyms mix marketing and sales together, and therefore try to do a price driven offer, like free enrolment all of the time.  And those offers only work for serious gym goers, and even then, can backfire, because those folks will simply wait for you to offer free enrollment again.

Instead, use a paid trial offer to get some of the intimidated segment of the sedentary population to take action. Free has no value.  Free week, free 14 days, those do not work.