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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 15:57

How to find solid employees

How to find good employees:


1.        Pay more than you want or expect to.

2.       Interview candidates three times or more.

3.       Explain all expectations before hire date, have them sign a document that lists the expectations, including and especially goal structure.

4.       Inform hire that he or she is on a 90 day trial period, and that it is a production position and..

5.       Reward success, punish failure.

6.       Provide leadership.


Tuesday, 16 May 2017 16:38

From crap to competent in 2 weeks

I have a client with 8000 square feet, 1000 members and, when I found them, 25K per month in PT.

They are now over 40K.   And growing.

There are a few reason for this increase, but not many.  And the two biggest reasons are the same two things I have been talking about for years.

Get 70% or more of new members in front of a coach.

Convert 50% or more of these folks into a training client, purchasing a training memberships.


Said gym was below 30% of new members meeting with a coach.

Coaches closing percentage was below 20%.


So, we got to work. 

First, I addressed the issue of only getting a few new members to meet with a coach.  Really, I could have started with the trainer(s) closing percentage but that takes more time, and 20% of 40 is eight, while 20% of 14 is less than 3. 

And 50% of 14 is less than 8.


If I have confused you, don’t feel bad.  Many people don’t like to crunch or analyze numbers.  If you are one of those people, I implore you to change your attitude.  Work on your weaknesses. 

Every single golfer on the PGA tour spends SO Much more time practicing what they are the worst at, versus what they are already good at.


The reason this gym was only getting 30% of new members to a trainer was because, first, they were not making it a priority.

What you make important, becomes important.

So, we started by having the Sales Manager, Josh, sit down with all membership salespeople and explain that 70% is the benchmark, that it is realistic, and that he was going to train staff on what to say to help ensure that 70% or higher would be met.

Then, Josh watched some videos that I sent him.  Then he and staff watched them.  They also received a 12 page manual that complements the videos.

Then they role played a few times.

Now they are at 87%.

Simple.  Just not easy.

What you make important, becomes important.


Next, we got the trainer who sells membership on the phone.


She did okay for a while, but didn’t like it.  So Josh, the sales manager, switched to PT salesperson.

FYI: You don’t need to be a trainer/coach to sell coaching.  Ideally, you will get a certification and do some coaching, but it isn’t necessary. 

Josh watched some more videos that I sent him.

And a written manual.


And we had a few phone calls.


Now he is at 42%, on his way to over 50%.


To get 87% or more to book an appointment to meet with a trainer, you need to:

-Call it a free workout.

-Schedule it at POS.

-Require all membership salespeople to go through the free workout every 4 months.

-Act like “this is what we do here.”


To get 50% or more of these people to purchase some sort of training membership, you need to:

-Put then through a 25 minute workout.

-Ask the right questions.

-Learn about their preferences and their communication style.

-Have more than one on one training as an option.


So, if you need any help with the above, you know who to schedule a call with.



Keep changing lives.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 14:33

I've got another confession to make

In 2004, I answered a job ad.  The position was in membership sales at a 30,000 square foot gym.

I was 31 years old. 

For the previous 10 years, I was either a golf professional or a fitness trainer for a few different organizations.

At 31 years old, I wanted to work for an Independent gym, with one owner.

This was that gym.