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Former Gym Owners/Business Consultants

"We have had the opportunity to work with Jason in a variety of formats.  He is extremely knowledgeable about our industry. But what makes him most unique is that he goes above and beyond to find "out of the box" techniques to help personal trainers, club owners, chiropractors, anyone interested in wellness - build their business.  His techniques create satisfied customers which in turn builds profit!!!  He gets results which equates to retention.  We would unquestionably recommend him to anyone that wants to build business."

-Drs. Bruce & Kathy Martin

Fitness Coach

"Before I met Jason, I was closing less than 20% of my assessments into training clients. After Jason coached me on the phone and in person, I went to over 50% in a very short period. I am now over 75% and went from 3 clients per month to 25 clients. Jason’s advice is priceless! I still touch base with him every now and then for some advice because the fitness world is always changing and I need to stay on top of my game."

--Tim, fitness coach

Gym Owner/Fitness Coach

"I met with Jason near the end of 2010. I came away impressed with his understanding of how to sell fitness memberships, and how to market a club for success via creating the right culture in a facility. To this day, I still use his training manual to get any new employees up to speed with how to conduct business here at my gym."

--Jim, MS, CSCS, gym owner/fitness coach

Club Manager

"I'll admit, I thought I was pretty good at sales and marketing before I met Jason. But, after he taught me how to run a club I realized there was so much more to learn!"

--Angela, club manager

Workshop Attendee/Gym Owner

"Jason is a great presenter. He brings excellent energy and credibility to the training. I highly recommend him as a consultant and business coach, and can’t wait to see him again when he’s back in town."

--Survey comment from a workshop attendee/gym owner

Workshop Attendee/Gym Owner

"Excellent training! Jason makes it fun, relevant, and very valuable!"

--Survey comment from a workshop attendee/gym owner

PhD, Research Expert

"Jason’s depth of knowledge in multiple areas is truly remarkable."

--Heather, PhD, research expert

Workshop Attendee/Gym Owner

"I really loved Jason’s description of “proper tours”. I also really, really got a lot of great ideas for guerilla marketing."

--Survey comment from a workshop attendee/gym owner