20 hours and not 10,000

I saw a video yesterday, a short one, about how it takes to learn something in only 20 hours.  According to the speaker, the 10,000 hour thing (this was a hot topic about 10 years ago) is not true.


Okay, this is one man’s opinion, but it made sense to me.

I am very good golfer, and have probably spent less than 2000 total hours of my life on a driving range.

My biggest strength in golf is my putting, I don’t miss 4 footers and I don’t three put from 30 feet. 

I rarely practice putting.

I was a master at booking appointments via telephone in about 30 days, maybe less.

I figured out how to ask the important questions necessary to sell memberships and Personal Training in just a few weeks.

So, it was refreshing to hear a different take on the length of time necessary to be really good at something.

BTW, Josh Kaufman is the speaker, his TED talk is about 20 minutes and you can find it by simply googling, “Josh Kaufman, the first 20 hours.”

 To save you the 20 minutes (although I do recommend you make time to watch his Ted Talk) here is the gist:

Malcom Gladwell authors a book in 2007, “Outliers”, and it is about how it takes 10,000 hours of practice for elite level athletes to master their sport. 

And that turned into a game of telephone leading to the public thinking that it takes 10,000 hours to be “good” at something.

Turns out it only takes about 20 hours.

This is solid news for all of us, and in the case of m y online video courses, designed to help fitness business owners make more sales, increase revenue and change more lives, perfect timing.

I just finished something super cool and super awesome.  It’s perfect for fitness centers.

It is a soup to nuts complete sales training course.  It covers everything you need to make more membership sales, and nothing you don’t.

And no, it not 20 hours long.  It’s about 3 hours.  So, you take each module, 11 of them, and add 20 hours to each one, and you get about 200 hours total to master being a membership and fitness salesperson.

This is about 6 weeks.

But don’t worry about the 20 hours per task right now.  Many of these modules can be mastered in much less time.

But this course is not just for new hires.  It is perfect for seasoned veterans. 

Module 1:  Introduction.  What to expect, etc.

Module 2:  How to create a sales first mindset.

Module 3:  How to handle telephone inquiries.

Module 4:  5 steps to a proper tour.

Module 5:  How to ask for and get referrals.

Module 6:  Lead generation and corporate outreach.

Module 7:  Guerilla marketing.

Module 8:  How to follow up with leads.

Module 9:  Handling objections/rejections.

Module 10:  How to handle cancellations.

Module 11:  Member conversations.

Module 12:  Membership salespeople’s role in PT sales.

Bonus module:  Dress for success. 

Does this sound like something you are interested in?

If so, please email me jason@jasonlinse.com as I need a few fitness centers to go through it at no cost.  If you are selected, you will get access to it soon and be asked to provide feedback.

If you are not selected, you will be offered to purchase it at a big discount.

Keep changing lives. 

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