I can do it on my own

If you own a small fitness center, whether it’s part of a franchise system or not, AND you sell less than 12K per month in PT, you aren’t reaching your potential.  I have been in an around dozens and dozens of 3000 square foot fitness centers in the past 7 or so years.  I rarely see a member working out with a Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional.  And sometimes, when I think I am seeing it, turns out it’s a friend training a friend.

If you own a small, 24 hours key card fitness FRANCHISE, you aren’t getting the support that you need to be successful at selling PT.  This isn’t intended to be insulting towards the headquarters of fitness franchises.  It’s simply Jason Linse’s opinion having spent some years in one of these headquarters.  Just a few years back, nobody cared about a fitness franchise generating revenue from anything but membership sales.  One, or some of these franchises even promoted a MONTH to MONTH membership.  And ONLY a month to month, lest you want to pay in advance as an option.  NO 12-month agreements.  So, not only were you’re selling ONLY month to month memberships, YOU were also NOT putting much focus on Personal Training.  I predict that many of you did OK for a few months and maybe even a couple of years.  BUT then you noticed a big problem with attrition.

You’ve heard it before, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you.  People cancel because they stop going to the gym.  They stop going to the gym because they lost motivation.  They lost motivation because they stopped seeing, OR never saw results.  They stopped seeing, OR never saw results because they lack the education necessary to reach their goals.

The “education” department is your PT department.

“But Jason, well over half of our members get a “consultation” but none of them buy PT. My trainers ask, and the member says, ‘I can do it on my own.’”

This is because your trainers suck at sales, and you don’t know how to hire ones who can sell, and you don’t know the system you need to put in place to ensure that all the dots and crosses are happening.  I know the system, and you should let me teach you.

Call me.  I will talk to you at no charge for 30 minutes.  After that, you can decide if I am worth the money to come to your facility and teach you how to start selling 12K or more every month in PT. I am also confident that there are a few things I can teach you about marketing and membership sales that will add some members to your club.

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