Mainstream gyms, small group and team training

I received an email today from a training gym/studio owner.
His gym is called Fitzone. I like that name.
He is on my email list and was responding to an email I sent out this morning.
He was complimentary and mentioned that he had been to one of my presentations for a fitness organization a couple of years ago. He then mentioned that he would love it if I spoke a bit more on the studio market and would create programs that are more studio focused. His final comment was that he learned that there is a huge difference in selling a $199.00 per month membership compared to his many years selling $39.00 memberships.
I feel your pain David, I feel your pain.
I responded to David that I do, in fact, spend more time coaching studio/training gym owners than I do mainstream.
The reason that my online courses are geared more towards mainstream gyms is because that is what is still the majority of gym owners. I love mainstream gym owners who are interested in dominating the PT sales part of their business.
And I love training gym owners because I don’t have to teach them fitness. I simply teach them simple, yet not easy systems and processes for sales and marketing.

So, David’s email got me thinking. I just created an online course that is a must have for any mainstream gym. Fitness Sales: The complete training program. And I have sold a bunch of these online courses. And if you are not sure how it works: You purchase, and you download. Less than an GB, not a long download and not a lot of space on your computer. You own it for life. You hit play. And/or you scroll around to one of the 12 modules.
Module one: Introduction, what to expect.

Module two: How to create a sales first mindset.

Module three: How to handle telephone inquiries so you can make tons
of appointments.

Module four: How to give a proper tour so you can close everybody.

Module five: How to ask for and get referrals.

Module six: Lead generation and corporate outreach. (this one is
worth ten times the price of the course!)

Module seven: Guerilla marketing. (this one is worth 6.5 times the
price of the course!)

Module eight: How to follow up. Many salespeople don’t pick up the
phone because they don’t know what to say. Now they will.

Module nine: Handling objections/rejection. This module is only for
people who want to be the best of the best.

Module ten: Cancellations. This module will help you turn some
cancels around.

Module eleven: Member conversations. A super awesome module that will
show you what to talk about with members (non-fitness related) to
help you create a culture that brings you referrals.

Module twelve: Your role in PT sales. This module is for fitness
centers who want more PT revenue. It all starts with your membership
This information is everything you need and nothing you don’t.
By purchasing this, you, forever, have the perfect sales training program to put new hires through.
BTW, you should go to right now and purchase this awesome online course.
On the homepage, click on the “shop” tab. Then locate the course titled, “Fitness Sales: The complete training program.”
It is only $399.00, down from $1000.00 but you have to put in promo code: fitnesspack399
And that promo code is about to expire.

And it sounds like David would like an online course that would be solely for studios/training gyms.
So, why don’t I create one?
Okay, let’s think this through. What kind of information are you looking for as a training gym owner?
Email me and tell me.
For the purpose of this blog post, let me take a stab.

First, it just hit me: One of the reasons I haven’t created a ton of programs for training gyms, is because I am not sure that they all agree with me on how a training should work.
No one on one. That being said, I am currently helping a guy open a training gym and he wants to do primarily one on one. So, please understand that I can help you sell anything, but my recommendation is to focus on small group and team training.

Small group: 2 to 4 clients/members. Not 5, never 5.

4, 3, or 2.

Small Group needs to be priced about half of what 10 full one on one sessions would cost per month.
Small Group is treated like one on one. You keep a chart for these folks and you have to have some one on one meetings as needed to discuss goals and nutrition.
Team Training: 10 to 15 people if you have a private room at least 1000 square feet.
Team training is still a session.
Nothing is ever a “class.”

Team training is about the music and energy and is body weight driven.
Team training should cost between $99.00 and $149.00 per month.
Selling this:
Well, let’s start with marketing, as marketing is not the same as selling.
You have a website, a Faceook page and an Instagram account.
And you have 5000 4 inch by 6 inch post cards to distribute around town.
Website: You must offer a freebie (ebook or video) in exchange for a name and email address.
Facebook: Post twice per day, only use it to sell twice per month. Run continuous ads to grow your followers.
Insta: Post once per day.
Post cards: Two days per week, one hour per day, walk into retail neighbors and hand them out.
Offer: 30 day PT experience for $79 to $129.00.
First meeting is a free session and/or fms if you desire. This first session includes a sales pitch. And this is one online course I already have for you. Email me if you want more info on it.
You can sell a longer term membership from this first meeting, but you have to do it right. A certain way each time.
Many people will take the 30 days. That’s great. That’s fine, and you should be happy when they do.
But now you have to make sure that on day 24 to 28, you SIT down with them and pitch them again.
That’s all for now.
Keep changing lives.

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