Onsite Training/Workshop

  • Day 1: A fun, 6-8 hour, interactive day with staff teaching “7 Steps to Gigantic Gym Profits”
  • Day 2: 3-4 hours working on implementation strategies

Phone Coaching

  • Jason will work with you over the phone, either following an on-site visit, or if your time and budget do not allow for a site visit, you can begin taking steps toward gigantic gym profits through phone coaching.
  • Clients may spend anywhere between an hour per week on the phone with Jason for 3-4 weeks, up to a much greater length of time (whatever is needed/determined appropriate by the client and Jason – flexibility exists, whatever is best for the client).

Club Audit

  • 1-day site visit: Jason will visit your club, meet the staff, research competitors, etc. and will generate a report regarding what you’re doing well, in which areas there is room for improvement as well as recommendations for steps that can be taken to increase profits.

Marketing Plan

  • Jason will design a marketing plan for you. Approximately an hour is spent on the phone discussing your club, and based on your specific situation, Jason will develop a marketing plan tailored to your club.