So, you own a fitness center

What a tough business to be in.   Especially, nowadays.   Here you are, offering a clean and comfortable environment, in a space full of expensive and cool looking equipment, all for about $50.00 per month, and now you have to deal with the purple assholes who opened up down the street to sell memberships for $10.00 per month, which includes free pizza and candy.


Membership sales go down.  Months when you were used to selling 80 new ships are now months that you are lucky to sell half of that.

Maybe you were able to reduce attrition, but it still doesn’t take long to see your revenue decline.

Every 100 members is 5K per month to your bottom line.

How do you replace that revenue?  More members, sure.  But where are you going to get them?

You had been getting by on a shoe string marketing budget for a long time, and now when you need to up your advertising game, the cash isn’t there.


Maybe personal training is the answer.  But that involves too much time and energy.  Doesn’t it?

No, it does not. 

Let me put it this way:  If you can dedicate 30 minutes per day to selling Personal Training from a leadership standpoint, you can sell thousands and thousands of dollars in Personal Training every single month.

Supply and demand.

Let’s start with demand.  Okay, not many of your members are demanding Personal Training.  But really, when you think about it, they sort of do demand results.  Right?  I mean, let’s look at it this way:  If you supply Personal Training/Coaching correctly, it can become a demand for quite a few members.

“We change lives”

This should be your slogan, your motto, your mantra.

If you have trainers, and they have clients, no matter how few, then you have testimonials. 

You need 3 people, two women and one man, who lost 20 to 30 pounds by hiring a Personal Trainer.

You need a before and after picture of each.

You need them to say, “I lost weight and inches, and learned how to eat better, and it was fun, and easy.”

Seriously, write the testimonial for them.  Or do this:  Have them write one, and ask them if you can edit it for space and marketing reasons.  They will say yes.

And send it to me.  I will edit it and get it back to you within one week.  Free.  Seriously, take me up on this.   It will take me about 5 minutes, so don’t worry about taking up my time.

Okay, now let’s talk about your trainers.  Can they close a window?  If they absolutely hate sales, you either get rid of them (recommended) or have them not sell.

I said if they hate sales.  If they suck at sales, but are still wiling to try, then have them go through my online course, “How to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in Personal Training”.

You can purchase it here, yes, this is a sales pitch……..of sorts.  I mean, you read all of my blogs, and maybe even my newsletters.  I offer up all kinds of free stuff, you must know by now I am credible, and an expert.

Oh, and the course is yours for life, and it should be provided to all of your trainers and all of your membership salespeople and front desk staff.  And management and leadership.

It is about an hour, comes with a manual, and gives you everything you need to know and nothing you don’t.

100% money back guarantee and keep the course.  Yes, that’s right.  You buy it, you download it, it’s yours.  You can email me and say it sucked, and you want your money back.   Done, it’s yours.

You aren’t ready to buy yet?  Let’s talk about your two most important numbers in your fitness business related to Personal Training.

How many new members schedule time with a trainer/coach?  70% or higher is your benchmark.  Go through my online course, and all of your membership salespeople with hit or exceed 70%.  Shoot, that 20 minutes of training alone will make you thousands of dollars.

How many of these members who meet with a coach/trainer convert to some form of Personal Training Client?  35% or more is your benchmark.

Now, here is where this online course really makes your life easier and puts more dollars in your pocket.

I show your trainers (only the ones who are willing to try.  The negative nellies can eff off) exactly what to do, and exactly what questions to ask so they can make sales.  Selling PT comes down to this:  If you can get the prospective PT client to talk about their fitness goals, and why they are important, you will make sales.  Period. 

In my online course, I show trainers how to do this. Boom.  Sales.

Look, we live in a day and age of googling to find free stuff. Free info, free training.  I say go for it.  But the problem with that type of information and training is that it is FREE for a reason.  It sucks.  People that give away free courses or next to free are doing it for a reason:  If they sold it for $1000.00, everybody who bought it would want a refund.  So they sell it for nothing or next to nothing and don’t offer a refund.

You pay $19.00 for a course on selling PT, and it provides you nothing specific, but you don’t feel ripped off because your business is only out $19.00.

My course is $1000.00, but not for you, my friend.  51% off, so for less than $500.00, you get it for life.

Think of it this way:  Let’s say you have only one trainer and one memberships salesperson.  That’s $250.00 per person.  If membership salesperson goes from scheduling 30% of new members with an appointment with a trainer to 70%, boom you just saw an ROI.   And a huge one. 

And if trainer dude or trainer gal goes form 5% closing to 40%, well, I think you know how good that investment was.

As an adult learning expert and personality expert, I know that a course that takes 5 hours to go through is not what people want OR need.  Dear lord, that’s not how people learn best.

You see, really what it comes down to is this: If salespeople have a system to follow, they sell so much more.  But a complicated system will not be followed.  It just won’t.

My systems are simple, and they work.


Keep changing  lives.


Jason Linse

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