What is your mission statement?

I was hired by a fitness center recently who had a mission statement, yet nobody, including the owner, could recite it verbatim.  Some employees didn’t even know that one existed.

This fitness center also has an issue with who they are and what they do.  And that all ties back into their mission statement.

A mission statement can be very brief.  “I help gyms maximize revenue.”

A mission statement can be a bit longer:  “We change lives.  We do this by training our members like athletes, using functional movements and by striving to be stronger every workout.”

A mission statement shouldn’t be much longer than that.

What are you?  What do you do?  And more importantly, why do you do it?

Here is my advice if you don’t have a missions statement, or don’t really have one that is solid, or that you have memorized, or one that most of your team is not aware of:  Get all employees together, hand them a sheet of paper and a pen, tell them to not speak to each other, but to take 5 minutes and answer the following questions:

  1. What do “we” do here at Awesome Blossom Fitness?
  2. Why do “we” do it?

Write all answers on the board, talk about all of the answers, and from there, come up with your mission statement.

Who is your customer?  I am surprised by how many fitness centers don’t really know the answer to this question.

Hint:  The answer is not everybody.

Hint:  The answer is not “athletes.”

I am not trying to answer for you, but in most cases, your customer is “40 and fluffy.”

To be more general, and more specific at the same time, your core customer is 35 to 60 who needs to lose 20 pounds and gain some general conditioning.

But, again, that is up to you to decide.

Once you find your mission statement and figure out your customer, you can then pound your marketing message over and over to that group.

If your mission statement is to change more lives by training folks upright like athletes using functional movements and your core customer is 35 to 60 years old and needs to lose a few, then your fitness center better reflect what folks in that category want in a fitness center. 

Hint:  It isn’t power lifting equipment, chalk, but it may just be space to offer affordable group coaching, a lounge area, and plenty of clubs within the club.

I am a fitness business coach.  You will not add 100 members in 6 days by hiring me.  I don’t ask you to lower your prices, or do “shot in the arm” sales.  What I do quite simply is this:  Get you excited about 6 months from now, because if you follow my systems, 6 months from now you will be in such a better place with more members, more PT clients, happier staff, and more revenue in your pocket.

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Keep changing lives.